Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Our Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometers are equipped with the latest infrared technology and have been clinically tested for accuracy and reliability. By simply pointing and pressing a button when in use, the thermometer will provide an accurate temperature reading within 1 second.  

The thermometer is equipped with a three-color backlight color alarm. If the temperature is on the normal range (95.9℉-99.1℉), the LCD will show green. If the temperature is above the normal range (default setting of 99.1℉), the fever thermometer will emit a warning sound and the LCD will show yellow (which means you may have a slight fever) or red (which means a high fever). 

A perfect tool to keep on hand and at home to protect your loved ones each day! 

Note that 2 AAA batteries are required (not included per shipping restrictions).  

  • $49.99